I can’t put my baby down!

“He’s always wanting to nurse!”

“She wants to be held all day long!”

“I have things I need to do! I can’t sit and cuddle her all day long!”

Do these sound familiar? They’ve definitely been a part of my parenting experience, and if I had a dollar for everytime I heard another momma say these things, I’d be rich!

When my newest babe was 6 weeks old, I was talking (okay, maybe complaining) to my husband about how I can’t get anything done because James wants to nurse and cuddle all the time. “How can I keep the house clean?” “How can I make meals?”

Well Wade is so gentle with me – he says “don’t worry about it”. He says “we’ll all survive a while with a messy house and simple meals”.

Well, I like things neat and clean and orderly. It bothers me when the house is not in shape. And I enjoy cooking  – trying out new recipes and creating meals that will rival any restaurant meal. And so even though that tiny little baby was only 6 weeks fresh out of the womb, I wanted to get back to my old normal. Letting things go is not comfortable for me.

I thought. I prayed. And you know what insight I discovered? What if God designed babies this way?! Perhaps He designed them to need their mommas near constantly in the beginning for a reason! Because what am I doing when I’m nursing? I’m resting. What am I doing when I’m cuddling that sweet baby? I’m resting. What does my body need postpartum? REST! Why did it take 6 babies before I finally caught on to this?

Yes, there are things that need to be done around the house. There always will be. And those things will still be there tomorrow and next month and next year. But my body needs to heal and rest right now. This little precious baby will keep on growing and won’t need to nurse and cuddle so much a few months right now. (and might I add that babies grow up SO fast! Before you know it that little baby will be grown!)

So, I rested. I sat with my baby. I nursed my baby. I managed to keep the laundry somewhat caught up. The house somewhat clean. And I feel rested. Thank you Lord for your design of fussy babies!



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