Why grain-free? Or could be called more accurately, the end of our battle with Eczema.

When our oldest daughter was 2, she started getting eczema on her ankle. We encouraged her to not scratch (but she was 2…) and we used thick lotions and creams to try to moisturize. Well, she kept scratching it open (she was 2….) and the creams weren’t helping, so we went to the family doc to get some cortisone cream. It helped a little for a short time. But over the next year, it got worse. And then it was behind her knees too. And on her wrists.

We went to a dermatologist. He gave us the following suggestions: change laundry detergent, vacuum room daily, get dust mite cover for bed and pillow, get air filter for her room, only use a special prescription soap. The reason? Because eczema is caused by something she’s coming into contact with. It’s detergent, soap, shampoo, dust mites, carpet, etc.  And of course she was prescribed a stronger cortisone cream to apply 2 weeks on, 1 week off.

Well, we did it all for a year. And her eczema kept getting worse! Now it covered probably about 50% of her body. Some of her areas were bleeding and open because of scratching. We dealt with staph infections because prolonged open sores on the body gives a likelihood of staph infection. She couldn’t sit down comfortably – she would stand at the table to color. She couldn’t sleep well at night because of the intense itching. It was so sad. We felt helpless.

By this time she was 5. We had been battling for 3 years, with nothing working, and the problem getting worse.

I finally decided to do my own research (why did I not do it sooner?) and although the dermatologist and family doctor had assured me that diet had NOTHING to do with it, I saw some articles and research that showed otherwise. So we ordered a blood test to test for food allergies. It tested for 20 of the most common food allergies and it showed she was allergic to 15 of them. Wheat, rice, corn, oats, beans, chocolate, and pork to name a few. We made a drastic change in our diet and cut out everything she was allergic too – we told ourselves it was only for a month to see what improvement it would give, if any. And then we’d go back to our normal diet. Because we can’t stick to that kind of restriction! (what in the world would we eat!???)

Well, a month later, her skin was drastically better. We hadn’t seen improvement in so long, and then to see her start to heal was amazing! She could sit down again. She could sleep a whole night. She could play outside and have fun.

Now we’re 2 years into this drastic diet change. Her skin is in such great shape. And I’ve adapted to cooking meals with no grains!

She still has a couple small areas that are itchy and red, but oh, if you could see a before/after picture. You’d be amazed too.

So, that’s why we’re grain free.

Maybe you don’t have any eczema issues in your family, but if you’re dealing with ongoing health issues, I encourage you to look into food related causes. I firmly believe that food allergies/intolerances are contributing to a whole lot of our country’s health problems.

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