Easiest chicken broth ever

With this method, there is no reason not to make your own chicken broth. It is so easy peasy and practically free that you would be crazy not to do it.

step 1 – In the morning, rinse a whole chicken put it in a large crockpot. Turn to low.

step 2 – 8-10 hours later or so, your chicken is ready for dinner. Remove the chicken from the crockpot and get the meat off the bones – very easy because it was slow-cooked. It practically falls off the bone. If you don’t want to eat it for dinner, save it for chicken salad or enchiladas.

step 3 – put all the bones, skin, scraps back into the crockpot. If you have any vegetable scraps, add them in – onion peels, carrot pieces, celery ends, etc. You can add some herbs too if you’d like. This is optional though. The only required part is the chicken scraps. You can even add in some clean egg shells for added calcium!

step 4 – add water to the crockpot until it’s nearly full. Add a splash of vinegar – this helps the calcium leach out of the bones.


step 5 – turn on low for 24 hours.

step 6 – your broth is done! Strain it into mason jars or other containers and store for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator or freeze for months.


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