Easy DIY Deodorant

Have you heard that some studies show a link between deodorant/antiperspirants and cancer? Here’s an article if this is news to you.

A little troublesome. Could it be true? Could our deodorant be causing these problems?

I don’t know. I’m not totally convinced. But I do think that the vast amount of man-made products that we eat, wear, smell, etc. may play a part in the rise of health problems.

Anyway, so, taking into consideration the articles like those above, and the desire to save money (we’re striving to be debt free – I’ll write about that endeavor soon), we tried a few homemade deodorant recipes. And many of them were either way too time consuming (have I told you I have 6 children under 8 years old?), or some of them were sticky or clumpy or gooey. Not good characteristics for something you put on your armpits and wear all day long.

And then I discovered this recipe.


Equal parts of 1. coconut oil (which has germ-fighting properties which cause odor), 2. cornstarch or arrowroot powder (either one is fine although arrowroot is a little more silky feeling I think), and 3. baking soda. If you want to, you can add some essential oils just for fragrance, or some tea tree oil for additional odor fighting power, but they are optional. We usually just stick with the main 3 ingredients. And just mix them together with a spoon. And store in a little jar or container. Apply with fingertips.


And the results? It feels silky. It looks like vanilla frosting. It works on both me and my dear husband. And it is super easy to make. And cheap. And no chemicals that may or may not cause cancer.

We’ve been using it for about 2 years now. And now that a couple of my children are getting bigger, we are starting to use it on them as needed. It even helps with stinky little boy feet. (little boys are really stinky….did you already know that?)

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