When the task seems insurmountable

Have you had those days when you look around and you just feel like laying down and waving the white flag? The laundry room is overtaken with dirty clothes, the kitchen is a mess, dinner needs cooked, the children still haven’t completed their schoolwork for the day, and the dog just ran through the house with muddy feet on the floor that you just spent 30 minutes mopping? Yes, I’ve been there. Many times.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things.

  1. I can’t rely on my own strength. It is only through the Lord that I have any hope at all of getting everything done that I need to do. I must pray for His help, daily. Hourly. Sometimes every few minutes.
  2. I can’t add things to my to-do list without consulting the Lord and ensuring that He does indeed want me doing that particular thing. There are many good and noble things to be doing with my time, but if God has not called me to do it, then I’m adding unneeded stress to myself. (In my situation, this always comes up as volunteer service for the church! Yes, they are good things. But if God doesn’t want me doing them, then I am just going to feel overwhelmed and overloaded). Once I have my to-list pared down to only the things He wants me doing, then I need to prioritize. Yes, ideally, I get everything done, but if it doesn’t, then I need to make sure the most important things get done. For housework, that means that meals are top priority – we have to eat. But we don’t have to have mopped floors. For homeschooling it means that Bible instruction is top priority – we need His daily bread. But foreign language instruction can wait until another day.
  3. I can’t look at everything that needs to get done. It is too overwhelming. If I focus on the whole day, the whole house, or the whole mess, then I just want to throw up my hands and give up. It’s too much. I think I’ll just go curl up in my bed and cry.  BUT, if I just focus on doing the next thing, then suddenly I feel rejuvenated. If I just say, one load of laundry –  then YES, I can do that. And then I say, clean off one spot of the countertop – YES, I can do that. Cook one meal – YES, I can do that. Finish up phonics with the kindergartener – YES, I can do that.

So dear momma who feels like giving up, I know how you feel. But rest in the Lord, and put one foot in front of the other. You have to have realistic expectations – don’t look around and expect yourself to get it ALL done. Just expect yourself to do the next thing. One step at a time. And the Lord will give you the strength to do it, if it is His will that you do it.

And guess what? You might just get it all done! And if you don’t get it all done, there’s always tomorrow.

When you wake up, things will seem better. Everything seems better with the fresh light of morning.

And what do you need to do when you wake up? Pray for His strength, ask Him what He wants you to do today, and then just do the next thing.

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