Natural Care for Cold/Flu

Fall is here! Which means cold/flu season will be here before we know it.

In our house, we don’t take any type of medications for colds, but that doesn’t mean we don’t do anything to help our bodies fight off the illness. Heres our protocol for cold/flu.

  1. Vitamin C – this is our first step! For adults, take 2,000 mg at first dose, then 1,000 mg every hour until bowels loosen (you’ll know when you’ve reached this point). Then take 1,000mg every 3-4 hours until sickness is gone. For children, make the dose 250-500mg depending on size. (I’m not a doctor though, so please research for yourself how much you think you need!)
  2. Vapor rub – We don’t buy Vick’s brand (which is petroleum based – yuck), but instead we mix up our own. (¼ cup coconut oil, 10 drops eucalyptus oil, 10 drops peppermint oil, and 6 drops rosemary oil). Rub on chest as needed to help with congestion and coughs.
  3. Lemon-ginger tea – this is great to help with your congestion, but it also has healing properties as well! Grate 1 inch worth of ginger into a saucepan with 2 cups water. Simmer for 20 minutes. Strain into a mug and add about ¼ cup lemon juice. Add honey to taste – I usually use about 1 T. honey. Then add 1/8-1/4 t. Echinacea tincture (half it for children) and stir. I drink this about every 3-4 hours.
  4. Eat warm nourishing foods! Don’t underestimate the healing power of eating healthy real food! Stick with warm soups, warm veggies, slow cooked meats and add garlic to anything you can (garlic helps fight off illnesses). Keeping the body warm is important to help fight the sickness so cut out cold drinks, raw fruit and raw vegetables until you’re feeling better. Also cut out dairy foods because it is mucus producing, and if you have a cold, you definitely don’t need any added mucus, right?!  And absolutely no sugar! Sugar diminishes the body’s immune system for hours after consumption.
  5. Avoid fever reducing drugs unless temperature is over 104. The fever has beneficial effects of helping your body kill off the disease. When you lower your temperature, you’re essentially extending the illness. (but if the temperature exceeds 104, please try to lower it! Cold compresses, cool baths, and then fever reducing drugs as a last resort if the cool bath doesn’t work).
  6. REST! I know, I know, you’re busy. But you can either rest now and heal quickly, or keep running and drag out your cold and get sick again quickly. Rest as much as you can. If you have small children, pop in a movie and lay on the couch with them and go to bed as soon as your children go to sleep.

So that is how we deal with colds/flu. Try it next time you get sick and you will be back to normal in no time!

I am not a doctor, but I have researched this stuff out for our family. Please research for yourself before administering herbs to your family!)


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