Why the Hiatus?

I’ve been missing for months! Why?

Well, a couple reasons. For one, I started thinking, why in the world would anyone care to read what I write? Why in the world would anyone care about my blog? And two, because life had become so overwhelmingly busy, it really started feeling like I couldn’t even get a minute to sit and process my thoughts before whisking off to my next task. So I stopped writing for a while.

We’ve intentionally been trying to downsize our commitments (is that a proper use of the word downsize? I don’t know.).  We even sold our chickens for a season because even just the added time of feeding, caring for and gathering the eggs was adding to our too-full to-do list. It was all of maybe 5 minutes a day, but it was just too much. I’m serious folks, we have been overextended. “Burning our candle at both ends” as Wade’s grandma says.

And as for writing, well, I’ve just been itching to do it again. And I have come to realize that it is okay if no one reads it. It’s okay if no one cares what I have to say. Its more about the fact that I feel a need to write and to say something. If no one reads it, that’s okay. At least I got it out there and off my chest.

Maybe it’s because I’m alone all the time. Well not really alone – there are always 6 children with me. 24/7. So I doubt you could classify me as being “alone”. But I don’t get to talk and socialize much. Well, except for the members of my household. But you know what I mean. I don’t have coworkers to chat with or playdates or neighbors to visit wit etc. So sometimes I feel like I’m just bursting with words.

Sidenote: I remember reading that women say on average 20,000 words per day and men only 7,000. I believe it. It’s definitely true between Wade and I.

So, I think I’m back. And I’ll be sharing whatever it is that is just bursting out of me. Whether I think anyone cares to read it or not!

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