The RC cola

So, we all know we should eat healthy. We should drink  a lot of water. We should cut down on sugar. This isn’t rocket science, and we all know it to be true. Then why don’t we do it? Why do so many people know the steps for healthy living, and yet can’t just put it in practice? There are many answers as to why for different people, but the one I want to write about today is about cleaning up our environment.

I typically eat very healthy, which for me means no processed foods, no fast food, no artificial anything. But the ONLY way I keep to this is by keeping my environment (my home) free of these things. I have to keep it out of my house because I have very weak willpower. IF there is candy in the house, it will be in my tummy by evening. I just can’t seem to say no. Even though I know it’s bad for me and that I will regret it later, if it’s here, I’ll eat it. But if its not here, then I can’t eat it. Common sense, right?

This is very fresh on my mind today because on Sunday (our church meets in our house) someone left this after the meal.


Now, I don’t even know what RC cola tastes like – my soda of choice was always Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper. But, I bet it is yummy, sugary, and fizzy. Just what I think I’d like to have right now. If it hadn’t been in the house, I wouldn’t have even given a thought to soda. Or at the most I would think, “man, I wish I had a cherry coke right now” but the thought would quickly vanish because too-bad, so-sad, we don’t keep that junk here. But with this in the fridge, staring me in the face every time I open it, its taking a lot of will power (that I don’t really have) to drink water instead of this.

This is setting me up for failure. I need to do myself a favor and just dump it in the sink. Stop looking at it. Stop considering it.

Maybe your issue isn’t soda, but some other unhealthy food or drink that you need to give up. The first step is set up your environment for success. If you know it’s not good for you, don’t keep it in your house. Don’t rely on your willpower when you can first keep your environment clean.

So now, that RC is going in the trash. And I’m drinking my 64 ounces of water today!

Be healthy, happy, and fruitful!

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