Just do it

There’s a house near us that’s been two colors for years now. What I mean is the homeowner has been in the process of painting his house for a few years now. Yes, a few years. He keeps the scaffolding up. He does a little bit every few months. Now, I don’t know him personally, so I don’t know the story of why it’s taking so long to get finished. But I can bet that this unfinished job is like a dark cloud hanging over him. He’s already started the job- the house is now two colors. He knows he needs to get it done, but maybe he just doesn’t feel like doing it. Or he feels like he just doesn’t have the time to get out there to paint. But every now and then the cloud just gets too heavy so he goes out and paints another small section. But then the cloud continues looming for the next several weeks before he does it again.

Back when I was in college, many classes would have one BIG semester long project due at the end of the semester. Can I just say how much I hated these types of assignments? I would work on it bit by bit, but there was still just this big cloud hanging over me all the time. It was a big “to-do” list looming over me like the cloud over poor Eeyore, until the end of the semester when that project would finally be completed and submitted.


Occasionally I get these types of clouds hanging over me. Several months ago, I realized that we had not had any photos printed for nearly 3 years! We had absolutely no printed photos of my toddler (2 years old) or our baby (9 months old). Everything was digital and dependent on our electronic devices continuing to be reliable. (and I recently had a friend lose ALL her digital photos! A lesson to me – Don’t rely solely on your electronics!)

So, we uploaded all our photos to an online store (snapfish), and thankfully found a coupon for 40% off before hitting the submit order button. We had over 1,000 photos to print. And they arrived at our house over 6 months ago.

And then…..they sat in the closet. And the cloud was now over my head. Looming. Following me. Now I had this big project of putting a thousand or more photos into albums, arranged by date. Ugh. The thought of it just made me want to cover up my head with the blanket and go to sleep. (Anyone else deal with stress by sleeping or is it just me?) When I had an hour of free time I would consider those photos, but would put it off and do something else instead. Procrastinating. 😦

Folks, having a cloud like this hanging over you is not conducive to a healthy clear mind. It follows you. It taints your clear thinking. I know, I know. It’s just photos. But it’s still a looming cloud of something that I needed to do.

Well, several weeks ago, I decided to just do it. Just do it. Yes, it was going to be time consuming. And with 7 children, I could not devote an entire day to doing photos. It was going to have to take place in steps. A little here and a little there. But I just had to do it. My husband helped organize the photos by date and put them into numbered envelopes one weekend, and then I set my reasonable goal of going through two-three envelopes each week until it got done.

I’ve been chipping away at it for weeks now, and I just finished! (cue: Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus) Look at these beautifully organized photo albums! Maybe it doesn’t look like much to you, but this was hours of work for me!


The cloud has lifted. Now instead of Eeyore with a rain cloud following him, I feel like cheery Mary Poppins. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, my looming project is done. I can breathe easier. Rest easier. This project has been completed. It’s no longer that dark cloud over my head.

Mary Poppins

Whatever looming project you have that you need to do today, just do it.  Don’t let it follow you like a dark cloud. If you need to break it into smaller more achievable goals, then do that. If you can get it all done on your next day off work, then just get it done all at once. Clean out that garage. Organize your closet. Print out your photos. Fold that mountain of clean laundry. Weed the garden. Finish painting your house. Whatever it is, just do it. Get rid of the cloud. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. You’ll feel better having it finished.

Be fruitful, healthy, happy. Clear your mind. Finish those projects. Just do it.

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